Friday, July 2, 2010

Sketches Coming to Life...

Look #1 sketch
Look #1 dress in final fabric
Back view
Look #2 final sample
Look #2 coming along in final fabric
Print Placement:

I have switched the prints around a considerable amount throughout the project. 
There are so many possibilities
I have piles of sketches with all of the different print combinations we tried
These are only a few
There are quite a few factors involved in deciding where each print will go. 
  • The weight of the fabric
  • How many yards we need for each pattern piece vs. how many yards we actually have
  • What looks good
Since we can't buy more fabric (it was printed in-house, at our school) and we only have enough to cut each pattern piece once, we have spent a lot of time making charts to make sure we have enough of the correct fabric for every look.
Yay tomorrow is Saturday! I am going to the LA fabric district--I have some serious materials sourcing to do. 
Happy Birthday, America!


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