Friday, October 8, 2010

Video Friend Recaps Omaha Fashion Week + Fabric Sourcing in Omaha, NE

My Omaha born, BFF video editor friend wrote about her experience with me during Omaha Fashion Week.

Check out her recap here.

She flew from Los Angeles to see the show and shoot video foot footage of my models, me, the drama, excitement and general chaos of the entire event. I am not always the best at sharing the gory details of all these things, so you might enjoy her divulge.

(new handbag construction)
I have spent a lot of time lately sourcing the materials that I need to make my designs. I had a nice stock of things when I drove home from Los Angeles in August, with a car full of fabric and sewing supplies. Since Omaha Fashion Week my stock has dwindled. I have a lot of half-finished projects for reasons like, “oh this needs this kind of zipper in this color that I don’t have” or “oops. I’ll need to order that.” So now I am faced with the problem of living in a city that has no garment district.

It was awesome living in San Francisco where I could go straight to places like the Pickering International office to get eco-friendly swatches and order yardage all in the same day. Or Discount Fabrics that has completely random and awesome finds. Or Britex, known for their snooty sales team and ridiculous pricing. Oh yeah and their beaaautiful fabric. It is easy to forget the $$$ and just handover that plastic card that gets you stuff. ;)

In LA there a few shops that often have closeout fabric or notions that are great for a young designer, like me, that cannot afford a lot of the minimums large companies can when buying wholesale. 

(newly constructed corset base... ready for embellishment, draping or to be made into a dress)

This is not to say that any one city has everything you need, in terms of raw materials. NYC tops any city in the US in terms of density and quality (my opinion), however, every city and country has something different to offer. I always have my eyes peeled and my ears tuned for unique finds and beautiful materials to use in my designs. Of course I recommend you do the same, if this is something you are into.

Feel free to share if you have any of your own favorite fabric or notion sourcing places... whether it is vintage, eco, specialty or just great prices on quality stuff! (Could be anywhere in the world!)

Happy weekend!

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