Wednesday, November 24, 2010

BarCamp Omaha 2010!

BarCamp Omaha 2010 was one of the best weekends ever. When it was all over and wrapped up, I just felt sad.  I didn’t want all of these nice, creative people to leave my proximity!
BarCamp is an “un-conference” that follows a relaxed and open format. Speakers sign up in the morning under three tracks: creative, entrepreneurial, and technology. 
Schedule for "creative" track
A big goal of BarCamp is spreading positive motivation through sharing and networking. Read more about it here. Check to see if there is a BarCamp in your city!
The audience captivated by Megan Hunt of Princess Lasertron (taken from Silicon Prairie News - read their post: BarCamp Omaha 2010: Jam session video, afternoon photos & more)
The kick-off conversation for the creative track was lead by Steve Gordon of RDQLUS.
The topic was motivation. We need that feeling of urgency to make sure we are moving forward in our lives and DOING. (Not just talking about what we are going to do).
BarCampers eat healthy snacks to keep them focused and motivated.
Steve says we need blasts of motivation to keep going.  Use your creativity, make something new. Don’t be afraid of self inspection. Build something from the ground up. Do some spring cleaning in your mind. Get some of those ideas out of your head and into the real world by making them happen… bringing them to fruition. 
BarCamp Omaha 2010 t-shirt designed by RDQLUS
Be excited to wake up in the morning. Work towards making some of your dreams realities. Don’t feel overwhelmed; take it one step at a time. You might surprise yourself with what you can accomplish.

Some advice I have gathered from reading entrepreneurial books, listening to cool people talk and attending BarCamp Omaha 2010:

In regards to failure: just get out there and do better the next day.

Competitiveness is something that should be embraced.

Allow yourself to be creative.

Be authentic.

Don't be scared about your passions. Learn about them. Nurture them. Embrace them.

Show up in your life. Be present. Live the life you choose.

Be radically passionate (Grasshopper Group core value)

Self indulgence is self respect. (Megan Hunt of Princess Lasertron's talk "Make it Pretty")

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Thank  you to all of the amazing speakers and to the planners (Dusty Davidson, Eric Downs, Matt Secoske and Megan Hunt) for making BarCamp Omaha 2010 happen.
Thank you BarCamp Omaha 2010 Sponsors!! <3


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