Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Toyland: A Theatrical Fundraiser benefitting Toys for Tots

Pictures from Toyland: A Theatrical Fundraiser benefiting Toys for Tots.  This was a wonderful Tim Burton / Nutcracker / Imagination land - inspired event. It was all about mixing things up with dance, music, fashion and art and supporting the developing creative spirit and imagination of children that would otherwise not receive toys during the holidays. As grown-ups, we sometimes forget that toys are tools, which children use to learn and grow and unlock their imaginations to the possibilities of the world.
1. Event Promo

1. Scoular Ballroom, Omaha, NE  2. Cupcake tree  3. Dolls: Ellene McClay

My "Dolls"

1. Dolls (Model: Nicole Keimig)
1. New dress I designed for this event 2. Patterns 3. Sketch 4. Sewing

1. Dolls walking

1. Marionette Dancers

1. Dance time
 Thank you to everyone who came to this light-hearted holiday event!

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