Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Embroidery For Princess Lasertron

I started interning for Megan Hunt of Princess Lasetron in December 2010. Megan makes felt, fabric and vintage button flower bouquets for brides. I wanted share some of the embroidery work I have done for her this week.

Flowers after embroidery embellishment

I didn't know very much about embroidery before I started working with her, so it has been great learning this new skill.

Beyond just embroidery, I have learned:

*The daily tasks of running a small business
*Marketing strategies
*The benefits of a co-working environment
*Transparency and honesty works
*How to appeal to your target market

Two of my favorite Princess Lasertron bouquets
 Her product is pretty amazing. Every bouquet is completely different. The more specific the clients are, the more personalization they will get. Not that you have to know what you want without seeing it... if you simply flip through photos of her past bouquets, you will find the ones that speak to you and your vision. She can take elements of your favorite bouquets and customize them with your color palette and any specific techniques you like and you will have the most amazing custom bouquet, designed just for you.

Megan's stock of felt

Or, you can just send her your color palette and some descriptive words or inspirational photos, and she will do all of the hard design work!

Megan has a remarkable stock of vintage buttons. 

Work getting done on one of Megan's work tables at Camp
The best part is that it costs about the same as an average-priced florist, except you will have a brand new family heirloom. View more of Megan's work and learn about Princess Lasertron here. <3


  1. this looks fun and I love the end product!

  2. Mee too! Megan’s flowers are amazing. And so versatile. Thanks for the support, Riverweaver!

  3. i love these colors + the little embellishments—they are really nice tidy sweet packages. congratulations sweet my coz! :) your work is always lovely.