Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Anneke's Wedding Gown - Draping

Here is a look at the drape I have been working on for Anneke's bridal gown. I hope you like!
I will be sewing up the first dress sample this week and sending it to her in NYC to check the fit. So excited to be dressing a real person!

I am thinking about doing a small collection of bridal and evening gowns for Omaha Fashion Week this August 22-27 2011. My only concern with this idea is keeping the gowns clean. Every gown like Anneke's requires several yards of beautiful fabric and a lot of care to produce. I would have to find a way to ensure the gowns stay pristine... it is too much work for me if they are ruined with dirt, sweat and make-up smudges. I love this idea though! <3

Stay tuned! More wedding posts coming soon!

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