Thursday, November 10, 2011

Black Bamboo/Organic Cotton Draped Jersey Dress Style Photos - Emma Erickson Spring 2012

For Halloween I wore the black bamboo/organic cotton dress from my Spring 2012 collection. I wanted to look a little witchy but also be comfortable and warm. It wasn't really a costume, but it set the mood for my Halloween night. I dreamed that I lived in this old rickety house and was a spooky cat-witch lady with magical powers.

Omaha Fashion Week runway shot by Adam Streur Photography + my Instagram creations ;)
The dress features an asymmetrical neckline and a drawstring detail on the side that can be adjusted to achieve more or less ruching. This style also comes with longs sleeves--you can check that out here.

Dress: Emma Erickson black bamboo/organic cotton draped jersey - sleeveless
Sweater: Grandpa sweater from L.L. Bean (I overlapped it and added an All Saint's kilt pin to give it some shape)
Headband: leopard print bow from Be Yourself  in Omaha
Mittens: silver sparklies hand-knit by Princess Lasertron's Russian aunt
Sandals: Michael Kors black patent leather platforms
Tights: Hue

Feel free to email me at if you are interested in ordering this dress.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. i love your bangs! where are you getting your hair done nowadays?

  2. Thanks!! I go to Heather at The Hair Market Salon in the old market--11th & Howard. Heather is fabulous, she straightens and teases my hair... something I can never get right.