Saturday, March 3, 2012

Omaha Fashion Week Fall 2012 Update

Hello Friends,

Just checking in!


Here is a peek at one look I will show on Friday March 23rd for Omaha Fashion Week Fall 2012.

Draping on dress form - Omaha Fashion Week Fall 2012

If you live in Omaha, and are interested in coming to the show, buy your tickets here.  Enter the code BUN8 for a 15% discount, courtesy of Bungalow 8!  Bungalow 8 is providing hair and makeup for my show.  Check them out if you are in need of hair rescuing, as I often am. Rebecca Forsyth and Sarah Zito are my project leads, and have been wonderful to work with. Rebecca looks like a real life doll and has a special talent for curls and up do's, along with being an amazing colorist. She tames the tresses of head turning stylist, Sarah Lorsung Tvrdik. I am still getting to know the rest of talent behind Bungalow 8, but so far they have been pleasant to work with. 

New much needed thread colors
Pattern Drafting
Thank you for reading!
I have to get back to work on the patterns for this collection.


  1. wow u r super talented!! I wish I was able too....