Sunday, March 18, 2012

Omaha Fashion Week Fall 2012 - Update

Here's a look at what I am working on for Omaha Fashion Week Fall 2012.

Button headbands and thread

Fall 2012 fabrics

Sewing fall 2012 sample - organic cotton / soy jersey

Sewing Fall 2012 sample - organic cotton / soy jersey and organic cotton french terry 

Sneak peek at Emma Erickson Fall 2012 runway look
There is a lot of ecologically friendly jersey in this day wear focused collection, as you may have read here.

Come see it all on the runway during Omaha Fashion Week at Kaneko on Friday March 23rd. Buy tix here. Use code BUN8 for 15% off!

Back to pattern adjustments, cutting, sewing and editing.

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  1. Holy cow I wish I could make something like this!! I don't even know how to work a sewing machine :/ (I know.. embarassing). I hope to someday though! I'm hosting a giveaway at my place if you'd like to join!!