Friday, May 11, 2012

Replacing Broken Zipper and Adding Rigilene Boning to Strapless Party Dress

Below is an example of how you can add boning to a strapless party dress.  I was asked to replace the invisible zipper, which was broken.  As I was looking inside the dress, I felt that it needed more structure if it was going to stay-up.  So I added boning on the side seams and at the center back of the bodice.  The front of the dress has an overlay of ruched lace, so that was off limits.

Rigilene boning added over side seam on inside of strapless dress bodice. 

Broken invisible zipper

I replaced the broken invisible zipper with a metal zipper.  Plastic invisible zippers can be easily damaged, especially if they are not very good quality to begin with. Always zip-up your zippers before laundering. This will protect the zipper as well as prevent it from getting caught on other delicate clothing.

Metal zipper

I often add straps to strapless dresses that I buy at the store, but if you have a dress you would like to keep strapless, I would look it over and see if there are any places you can sew in a little Rigilene boning. The boning will add the structure you need to keep the dress from sliding down.

In my own designs, I always have built in structure for strapless pieces.  This adds extra labor and material cost, so in the case when you end up with a dress that may not have the best support, sometimes there are steps you can take at home to improve a garment's functionality and performance with tweaks to the construction.

I hope these tips are useful.

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