Thursday, August 16, 2012

Sewing Supplies and Organization: Buttons, Tags, Thread

Staying organized can be really challenging.  Here is a look at some of my storage solutions for sewing supplies.

Vintage buttons sorted according to color, material and style.

Small vintage white plastic buttons - used in my button stack headbands

Vintage mother of pearl buttons

Small white vintage shank buttons

Manila tags

Pink hand sewing thread

Green hand sewing thread

Brown hand sewing thread

This is only a tiny portion of the organization it takes to keep me from losing my head over where my materials are.  It is important to pay respect to little things like matching fabric and thread colors--it is an amazing gift to have these items so readily available.  I do my best to keep things tidy, but it is a constant struggle.  I hope this post inspires some ideas for how to keep the tools and materials you use in your life organized and ready to be used.

Happy cleaning and creating!


  1. Love the idea of tiny drawers to fit all content so organized. I do a similar thing with my cosmetics.

    1. Thanks Divinitus! That's awesome. Tiny drawers are the best, especially for expensive, easy to misplace items like makeup. Thanks for reading and commenting! <3 Emma