Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Vintage Button Stack Headband #3 and #9

I uploaded a couple of headband designs to my Etsy shop.  Please feel free to check them out!  Here are photos of the Button Stack Headband.  It comes with 3 stacks or 9 stacks.  These headbands are durable enough for everyday wear but would also be great for a woodlands or barn themed wedding.  If you have any special requests, email me at ericksonemma@hotmail.com.  Otherwise, these 2 styles are available on Etsy now and are ready to ship. 

Button Stack Headband #9
Button Stack Headbands with Crinkle Crepe Flower Headband in Ivory. 
Bamboo jersey dress from my Omaha Fashion Week Spring 2012 collection

Button Stack Headband #9

Button Stack Headband #3

Button Stack Headband #3 and #9 Details:

Sustainable 55% hemp / 45% wool yarn wrapped headband
Featuring 3 or 9 vintage buttons stacks in a mixture of cream, ivory and white. 
1/4" metal headband
Made in Omaha, Nebraska

These product shots are the work of the amazing G. Thompson Higgins.  Elliot Dougherty and Rachel Brodsky were our beauty team and the adorble and super cool Maria Barmettler modeled.  


Thank you for your awesome support!!


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