Saturday, August 17, 2013

Good bye Natalie: Favorite Omaha Hair Stylist Relocating to Los Angeles

This is my last haircut with Natalie Rose Dixon, formally of Rain Salon in Omaha.  She is moving to Los Angeles!

If you are in the Los Angeles area and are in search of an amazing hair stylist, you should email/call this cool lady for an appointment.

Natalie Rose Dixon, Hair Stylist
Phone: 402.670.0802

Natalie is especially talented with bangs, layers and framing your face.  I don't usually set a lot of time aside to spend on my hair, so the cut makes a big difference.  My mom had her hair color updated by Natalie and loved the result.  People often say that the first hair cut you get, is the best.  With Natalie, every haircut is better than the last (and each one is great!).

Natalie Rose Dixon haircut.
Natalie haircut with glasses, because I have to wear these sometimes.
Natalie at work.
Final styled hair by Natalie for Nan C. photo shoot.
Now that you've seen the few photos of me where my hair is not in a messy clump on my head, I had better get back to business. Hope you're all having amazing hair days!

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